Band - Thousands of One

Hailing from Ithaca, New York, thousands of one brings an energetic fusion of Hip Hop, Rock, Funk, and Soul. Every member's talent blends to form an incredibly unique musical experience.
Thousands of One transends beyond the music scene, bringing their empowering message of social freedom to benefit concerts, public schools, private parties, and radio broadcasts. We are excited to announce Thousands of One's debut album, released on iTown records.

Caterer - Debra Whiting

Debra is currently the executive chef at Red Newt Cellars Winery & Bistro and President of the Finger Lakes Culinary Bounty. We chose Deb as our caterer not only for the incredibly delicious and beautiful meals she creates, but also because of her commitment to use the highest quality ingredients grown and produced locally. Deb inspires chefs and consumers across the country by creating exquisite seasonal menus that help us reconnect to our local food system. Through her personal investment of time and energy, Deb provides an extraordinary model of raised awareness and appreciation of eating locally.

Chef - Allyn Rosenbaum

Allyn is a renowned chef residing in the Finger Lakes region. Allyn is currently Manager of the Deli at GreenStar Cooperative Market, and has built a reputation and loyal following around her delicious, healthy cuisine.

Florist - Sarah White

Sarah White, owner of Wild Flower's (our local flower shop in the village of Dryden) is an exceptional florist who captures the beauty of nature in every creation. Sarah has worked closely with us and local flower growers to design stunning arrangements that embrace elegance in simplicity.

Invitations - Elizabeth Dissen

Elizabeth is a local artist in Ithaca who designs and handcrafts cards using sustainably harvested, recycled and organic papers. Her work is featured at GreenStar Cooperative Market, Autumn Leaves Used books, and The Bookery.

Pastry Chef - Priscilla Cartland

Priscilla is an award-winning baker. Her elaborate wedding cakes are true works of art, and her deserts are scrumptious as well as beautiful. In addition to her personal catering business, Cilla is currently working as the Executive Pastry Chef at GreenStar Cooperative Market.